DK Children The Minecraft Ideas Book DK Children The Minecraft Ideas Book
DK Children The Minecraft Ideas Book DK Children The Minecraft Ideas Book

The Minecraft Ideas Book



Publication Date: October 24, 2023

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Ages 7 to 11, Grades 2 to 6

Discover more than 70 mind-blowing build ideas – plus tips, tricks, and hacks from expert Minecraft builders in this official Minecraft book.

Spark your imagination with incredible build ideas inspired by the world around us. Explore landmarks, natural wonders, and inventions. From the Great Wall of China and the Great Barrier Reef, to steam trains and the International Space Station, learn how to build them all in Minecraft – and discover fascinating facts about them, too. 

The Minecraft Ideas Book is packed with all kinds of imaginative build ideas, including a cross-section of a volcano, ideas for designing your dream house, a fabulously fun theme park, a Mount Everest base camp, a rainforest with zip-wire, and much, much more. Why not step back in time to build the Titanic or a Roman chariot race or fast-forward to the future and build a sustainable city? Anything is possible! What will you build first? 

Find building techniques, hints, and tips throughout, such as block hacks, planning tips, and ideas for customizing. Meet the expert builders and discover where they get their ideas from. 

See the Minecraft world – and the real world – as you’ve never seen it before! 

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About the Author

Thomas McBrien is an experienced writer and editor who has worked with many global and national brands, producing bestselling and award-winning books for Minecraft, Star Wars, Pokémon, and Fortnite. His book Minecraft: Epic Bases won the 2021 Sainsbury's Children's Book Award for Licenses. He has also written Minecraft: Bite-size Builds and Minecraft: Catch the Creeper.

Author Residence: Ireland

Author Hometown: Dublin

Format: Hardcover

Length: 200 pages

Publisher: DK Children

Publication Date: October 24, 2023

ISBN: 9780744084672

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