The Sound of Kindness
The Sound of Kindness

The Sound of Kindness

By Amy Ludwig Vanderwater

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Ages 4 to 8, Grades K to 3


What is the sound of kindness? How does kindness talk? We can learn by listening. Let's take a kindness walk.


This heartwarming book touches on the themes of kindness and socio-emotional resonance, and the idea that our words matter.

Follow an adult and child as they explore their neighborhood, listening for the sounds of kindness. Words of friendship, gratitude, support, generosity, and love...we can see and hear them if we try. What will you hear if you take a kindness walk?

Kindness is all around us every day, if we know where to look for it—and listen! This book is a gentle and encouraging acknowledgment of how much it matters to be our families, friendships, and communities.


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