Lauren Blackwood $18.99

Within These Wicked Walls

Lauren Blackwood $11.99

Begin Again

Emma Lord $18.99

Bones & All

Camille DeAngelis $12.99

If This Gets Out

Sophie Gonzales $11.99

The Dead and the Dark

Courtney Gould $12.99

Scattered Showers

Rainbow Rowell $24.99

Jasmine Zumideh Needs a Win

Susan Azim Boyer $18.99

I'm the Girl

Courtney Summers $18.99

The Charmed List

Julie Abe $18.99


Amanda Quain $18.99

This Vicious Grace

Emily Thiede $18.99

Wake the Bones

Elizabeth Kilcoyne $18.99

The Stars Between Us

Cristin Terrill $18.99

Home Field Advantage

Dahlia Adler $19.99

Primal Animals

Julia Lynn Rubin $19.99

Wayward Son

Rainbow Rowell $10.99

Perfect on Paper

Sophie Gonzales $11.99

The One True Me and You

Remi K. England $18.99

These Deadly Games

Diana Urban $18.99
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