Seton Girls

Charlene Thomas $18.99

Briarcliff Prep

Brianna Peppins $17.99

After the Shot Drops

Randy Ribay $10.99

This Poison Heart

Kalynn Bayron $10.99

Twice as Perfect

Louisa Onome $18.99

Angel of Greenwood

Randi Pink $10.99

Deep in Providence

Riss M. Neilson $18.99

Blood Like Magic

Liselle Sambury $13.99

The Deep Blue Between

Ayesha Harruna Attah $18.99


Candace Buford $11.99

All Signs Point to Yes

Cam Montgomery $19.99

How to Live Without You

Sarah Everett $18.99


Dhonielle Clayton $12.99

Clap When You Land

Elizabeth Acevedo $12.99

Concrete Rose

Angie Thomas $14.99

The Hate U Give

Angie Thomas $14.99

Burn Down, Rise Up

Vincent Tirado $18.99

Kings of B'more

R. Eric Thomas $18.99

Sugar Town Queens

Malla Nunn $11.99

Off the Record

Camryn Garrett $10.99

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