We Were the Fire

Shelia P. Moses $17.99

Before the Ever After

Jacqueline Woodson $8.99

Swim Team

Johnnie Christmas $12.99


Amina Luqman-Dawson $16.99

The Okay Witch

Emma Steinkellner $12.99

New Kid

Jerry Craft $12.99

Ban This Book

Alan Gratz $8.99

Once in a Blue Moon

Sharon G. Flake $17.99

Josephine Against the Sea

Shakirah Bourne $8.99

The Many Fortunes of Maya

Nicole D. Collier $16.99

Sincerely Sicily

Tamika Burgess $17.99

Figure It Out, Henri Weldon

Tanita S. Davis $17.99

A Comb of Wishes

Lisa Stringfellow $7.99

Partly Cloudy

Tanita S. Davis $6.99

Fast Pitch

Nic Stone $8.99


Torrey Maldonado $16.99

Not an Easy Win

Chrystal D. Giles $16.99

Children of Stardust

Edudzi Adodo $18.95
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