Yehudi Mercado $12.99

The Decomposition of Jack

Kristin O'Donnell Tubb $16.99

What’s Sweeter

June Tate $17.99

Shot Clock

Caron Butler $16.99

Terciel & Elinor

Garth Nix $12.99

Not Here to Be Liked

Michelle Quach $11.99

Nine Liars

Maureen Johnson $19.99

The Weight of Blood

Tiffany D. Jackson $18.99

Butterfly Child

Marc Majewski $18.99

My Poet

Patricia MacLachlan $17.99


Henry Cole $17.99

My Life Begins!

Patricia MacLachlan $16.99

To Make

Danielle Davis $18.99


J. A. White $17.99

Dear Friends

Lisa Greenwald $16.99

White Smoke

Tiffany D. Jackson $12.99
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